Things to Check Out in Adams County that are not Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Battle Field is the main tourist attraction of Adam’s County, PA. However, the county is home to a picturesque landscape surrounded by a tranquil beauty of farms and hidden treasures. Explore the world beyond the battlefield and check out these places:

  • Sach’s Covered Bridge, located off Pumping Station Road, built in 1852, used by both armies in the Battle of Gettysburg, it is famous for the lattice look.
  • New Oxford, PA, a quaint little town off the beaten path, but easily accessible from Route 15. Known as an antiques capital. A walking tour begins at the center circle in town. Beautiful architecture and homes can be found in this town. My favorite place to go is the Christmas House, where you can find authentic German holiday decorations.
  • Eastern Museum of Motor Racing, York Springs, PA, home of vintage race cars and artifacts, and documents related to the world of auto racing
  • Steam into History, New Freedom, PA. See the replica of Old #17, the train that Abraham Lincoln rode into Gettysburg for the Gettysburg Address. The museum chronicles Lincoln’s journey to Gettysburg. The train offers short or long excursions onboard.
  • Historic Round Barn and Market, Ardentsville, PA. Two words: Pickled garlic. It might not sound tasty, but once you eat one, you will eat the rest like candy. It is one of the few round barns surviving today. Enjoy the drive through the orchards to get there.

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