Making the Wedding Yours

Your wedding is a story, a love story that you are sharing with your family and friends. A story that you want showcased in a way that displays you as the couple that you are. You are paying attention to trends and making decisions on building your wedding vision whether it is one you have had for a lifetime or one that has been created the day of your engagement. 


There is a growing trend of making a wedding event have personality and not follow traditional formulas. Brides and grooms are looking for more intimate, less formal events so everyone can enjoy the event. Weddings are about the guests and making the wedding weekend as long lasting as possible while highlighting the greatness of the couple.

Couples want the relaxed, comfortable, entertaining wedding that still has a traditional elegant feeling, whether is it is popular charming rustic chic or the new inspired industrial.

Couples today are smarter, comparative shoppers when it comes to their wedding and they are looking for how to get the most of their wedding vision as possible. The casual approach doesn’t mean backyard barbecues or the beach wedding, but there is more of a toning down of the traditional.

“Couples are looking at their weddings as blank canvases that can be made into anything,” says Susan Moran, owner and wedding designer at That’s It! Wedding Concepts.

The couple who wants to make sure everyone is having fun for the whole weekend should consider the after party and the morning after brunch. Brides and grooms want each guest to feel valued and happy; almost as they are welcoming each guest into their own home. These ideas are not necessarily new trends, just ones showing up in more wedding events.

Friends come from out-of-town and the bride and groom, then get to enjoy their friends and family after the wedding in a more relaxed atmosphere. After parties can range to open bar themed get-togethers, to low cost/shared cost casual gatherings at a local bar or hotel bar.

The morning after or farewell brunch is another growing trend. Sometimes the bride and groom are there and sometimes it is the just the families hosting the out of town guests one last time, especially if everyone is at the same hotel. It is a nice way to share memories and pictures of the wedding or the after party.

Moran states, “weddings are all about the fun-filled experience now. Tradition hasn’t gone away, but weddings today are about fitting tradition to the couple. Couples want to surprise and entertain.”

The day of the wedding is your concept and you can make the day or weekend however you want. Whatever the national trends are, whatever your style of tradition is, your wedding is exactly that…your wedding.

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