The Sweet Look

When you walk into the wedding reception, the cake is often the centerpiece for attention. And let’s be honest, guests can’t wait to sink their sweet tooth into the lovely wedding cake sitting there in all its glory.

National trends do set the mark from the large cities to even the small towns. Today’s trend sees the traditional wedding cake still offered, but the personalized, theme cake becoming the popular choice, as is the dessert bar.

Trend wise, Eric Bell of Carlisle Bakery, says the traditional bride’s cake is becoming more of a “couples” cake as couples are wanting their wedding style incorporated into the desserts.

Fondant and buttercream seem to have the same amount of popularity. It is all about personal choice as fondant and buttercream offer different looks and styles. Buttercream can be textured and dressed to suit the day with fresh flowers, vintage lace details and ruffles. Fondant offers straight lines with a sculpted look.

Katie Senft of Katie Cakes Cakery in Cleona, says the “naked” cake is a trend that has been requested quite a bit this year.

“Naked cake” has no icing or very minimal icing on the sides. Limiting the icing exposes the layers of the cake and makes them be the “star” of the show.

The hand-painted cake is the stunner of the wedding season. The hand painted cake has flown under the style trend radar, but has come forth as a way to incorporate colors, patterns, or fine details.

Dessert tables are becoming more and more popular as couples choose to be relaxed and incorporate a modern touch on tradition. Dessert tables can be a small display cake with elegant cupcakes or a table full of favorite treats such as cookies, cake pops, cannoli, candy, pies, tarts, and dessert shooters. Dessert tables can be used as a supplement to the wedding cake or used as the main sweet treat.

Don’t leave the cake or sweet treats until the last moment. Make your consult with a baker that has your date available as soon as you can. It is beneficial to have a vision of your cake and be sure to bring in pictures of what you like.

Senft, agrees and adds, “it’s helpful to have a budget in mind and to bring in pictures so your baker can get a sense of the look and feel you’re leaning towards.”

Cake tasting is one of the fun parts of the wedding planning process.  Consider this a “date” and have couple’s time. Enjoy the consultation and have fun with it!

Wedding cake is a personal decision. “Every generation has their own style and unique way of doing wedding cake, and the trends change, but any baker is going to make the best cake you will love,” says Bell.

Whether the choice is cake or some other sweet treat, it is part of your unique wedding story being showcased.

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