Letter from the Director - Dec 2016

Happy Holidays to your family from MWR Carlisle, Letterkenny, & Fort
Indiantown Gap! When we sat down this year to enjoy our office Thanksgiving feast, our conversations took on a life of their own. I sat back and listened as each person talked about their family traditions, what they remembered from childhood and what they loved most about their holidays. We all have our own special ways we create traditions and memories for our families. Spending some time together as a work family around a table filled with the sensational smells of our dinner got me in the holiday spirit.

As this festive time of year begins, we turn our thoughts to how our traditions have evolved as we grew up, moved away and for some of us, traveled around the globe. Thinking of our first Christmas as a family in Fairbanks, Alaska always brings a smile to my face - we were so poor but my husband, Joe, an Air Force Airman invited his entire office over for the holiday meal. I learned a lot that Christmas about cooking, missing our family, and creating our own traditions. I made the traditional feast complete with a turkey, ham and all the trimmings. What a look of surprise when Joe carved the bird in front of everyone to include his Commander and noticed that there was something plastic in the turkey cavity that I didn’t remove before cooking! While I may have grown into a better family chef over the years, I wouldn’t trade those memories or even that experience for anything!

This year, thankfully, I’ll be hosting the holidays with our family in Boiling Springs. When everyone arrives, we’ll cut down and decorate the tree, enjoy family board games late into the night and wake to the smells of my Grandmother’s Pennsylvania Dutch recipes. We’ll drink a toast to the ones we love and deeply miss, and we’ll spend the afternoons napping and enjoying our home filled with family and friends. Lots of people, food, and giggles. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy your holidays, Liz

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Letter from the Director

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