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Music is the best healer when it comes to the brain. Poor concentration, lack of motivation and focus, Insomnia, stress, are some severe cognitive issues which need to be treated without delay. Life can truly become hell if you to continue to live with them. Don’t worry as I am not going to refer you medicines or any other painful therapy. Brainwave Shots presents the perfect solution to the problems. Here is the review of this amazing scientifically-proven musical therapy.

What are the Brainwave Shots?

Brainwave Shots are wonderful musical tracks with embedded brainwave frequencies created for mental wellness and keeping cognitive issues at bay. There are 35 brief audios in seven different categories and each having a duration of 30 minutes. After listening to them, you will get an increased performance of your brain in studies, job, business, or anything you do. It will sharpen your focus, deal with insomnia, boost your creativity, promote mental peace, induce relaxation and improve your motivation within minutes.

How Brainwave Shots Support Us?

These special tracks are created by using a great brain improvement technology called brainwave entrainment which will help you to undertake any challenging task impeccably. The technology is a scientifically-proven process of changing your mental state, by utilizing external stimuli. The various frequencies then work to stimulate the latent potential of the brain. By listening to the tracks, you will have a better problem-solving ability, grasp your creativity, or be equipped to take up fresh challenges. Moreover, you will feel energized and relaxed.

The particular sounds and frequencies are used to lead the brain and bring it to the in-sync state where it will work harmoniously to improve your productivity in any work you do. It is straightforward to get started with Brainwave Shots. Get a set of stereo headphones, or download the tracks to your computer, even play the files directly, and listen through the built-in speakers. There are a variety of options available for you to begin with the audio.


How to use the Brainwave shots?

At first, select the shot you want to get. You can pick from shots from seven different segments that include brain category, relaxation category, mood category, energy category, health category, meditation category, mind-state category, etc. as per your specific requirements. For instance, for alleviating stress and promoting sound sleep, you need to opt for relaxation shots whereas if you want to get rid of chronic body pain, go for health shots. For motivation, there are mood shots, and for improving creativity, there are brain shots.

Get it on your device: Play it on your smartphone or MP3 player or burn a CD and enjoy some fantastic tracks to soothe your brain and improve cognitive functions. Listen to the end

What are the different types of Brainwave shots categories?

  • Brain category – Brainpower shot, Learning shot, Focus shot, Exam time shot, and Creativity shot.
  • Relaxation category – Relaxation shot, Stress reduction shot, Power Nap shot, Sleep shot and Chakra shot.
  • Mood category – Happiness shot, Euphoria shot, Motivation shot, Chilled shot and Spiritual shot.
  • Energy category – Morning Caffeine shot, Alert shot, Performance shot, Energize shot and Gym shot.
  • Health category – Healing shot, Tension release shot, Immune booster, Pain relief shot and Jet lag shot.
  • Meditation category – Inner peace shot, Alpha shot, Delta shot, Theta shot and Schumann shot.
  • Mind state category – Confidence shot, Sex shot, Party-shot, Love shot and Success shot.


  • 35 songs with fantastic mental benefits: You will get to listen to 35 incredible tracks in 7 different categories. Each segment consists of 5 songs. Right from boosting confidence to boosting sleep, getting mental peace to improving your performance, sharpening your focus to increase motivation, there are so many benefits you can get from it.
  • Safe technology is used 100 years of research backs that. The brainwave technique is safe as it uses sound frequencies to power how you feel.
  • User manual for easy listening of the tracks. You will get video introduction and quick start guide which will help you to play the songs without anyone’s assistance.
  • User-friendly as you can get started with a set of stereo headphones, or download the tracks to your computer, even play the files directly, and listen through the built-in speakers. There are a variety of options available for you to begin with the audio.


  • People below 18 years of age cannot hear the tracks.
  • People with epilepsy and brain injuries cannot listen to the tracks

Final Verdict:

Each program is guaranteed for 12 months and is backed by a full money-back guarantee. So give the revolutionary product a try and start feeling good. Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Sincerely, if you don’t place your order now, you will surely regret.

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