Military Spouses Play A Vital Role in the Readiness of our Army

Military Spouses play a vital role in the readiness of our Army.  As their loved ones in the military take on higher commands, spouses often take on inherent and implied roles as program advisors, mentors and advocates for Army Families.

The Senior Spouse Leadership Seminar is conducted at the Army War College in Carlisle as well as the Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas. It is offered to spouses of Soldiers attending those schools and also includes Soldiers of equivalent status from the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve and at the Army War College the class also includes spouses from other service branches and International military spouses. The seminar offers an opportunity for participants to explore and refresh skills that can help make their roles more successful.

The three-day seminar concentrates on topics such as Working with Volunteer Organizations; Coaching, Mentoring, and Advising: Taking Care of Yourself; Fostering Resiliency; and Protocol for Senior Spouses.  The life of a military spouse can be challenging. Along with the challenges come new and unique experiences and increased resiliency. You can take a look into the life of a military spouse in their own words below. Please join us in celebrating all military Spouses.

Joy Lynn Dismer:spousesarticle300
Being an Army spouse for 22 years has been a adventure. A wonderful part of being a member of the biggest family in the world is being able to visit and live in some amazing places all over the world. I also enjoy being able to meet the  most wonderful people that I will cherish as friends forever. One of the most difficult challenges I have faced is being away from the person you love for a long period of time. Another challenge I have faced is being both father and mother to our 10 year old twins.  Even with all the ups and downs I would not change my life. I love being an Army spouse.

Kimberley Brooks:
I look at being an Army wife as an adventure. I have mastered skills that I never thought I would need. I can fix a computer, unclog a toilet and move half way around the world with a few weeks notice. I have become a pro at staying in touch with people I love via Skype and Facebook. Some people look at our lives and question how we can be happy. Yes, I hate the deployments - but when my husband gets home, we get to date and fall in love all over again. Being away from family is tough - but I have lived and traveled all over the world. It’s all about perspective!

Cindy Ruedi:
I met my soldier ten years ago while he was attending CGSC at Fort Leavenworth, KS. After he was finished with school and was already stationed at Fort Hood, TX. We decided to get married after eleven months. I soon moved to Killeen, TX. and in a short amount of time I became an Army Wife, mother of six and moved to a new city where I knew no one. Not knowing anything about being an Army wife, I had to learn quick since my husband deployed five months after we got married. I learned how to communicate in late-night 15 minute phone calls, to always send enough brownies and cookies for your soldier to share in care packages, to never put a deposit down on a vacation and that Murphy’s Law isn’t a military spouse’s friend because if it can will!! I also learned that no one out there will understand what you are going through like another military spouse! They are your “sisters and brothers” and will be with you for life if you just open yourself to the others around you! When I married my soldier I didn’t realize that I was getting a family quite so large! Army is a way of life and one I’m so very proud to be a part of! To me being a military spouse is about being a family and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Deborah Lee Moretti:
I love being a military wife; I feel it is an honor. Yes, there are several challenges thrown my way, from moving every other year to being a single parent while my Soldier is deployed. But there are so many rewards that come with all of the challenges, making new friends, visiting and living places I would probably never have had the chance to, having an extended family where ever we go with doors always open to us.

Melissa Unrath:
I’m married to Craig Unrath, a colonel in the US Army. We have two children. Megan age 15, 9th grade and Tyler age 12, 6th grade. When we move this summer to Ft. Leavenworth, KS it will be our 13th move in 24 years in the military. Also in June, we’ll celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. He’s my high school sweetheart. We’ve lived in Germany and all over the United States. It’s been a wonderful experience with the opportunity to live and visit many places that we otherwise would have never seen or lived. We’ve met so many wonderful people from all over the world that are now lifelong friends. The biggest challenges would definitely be moving our children and entire household every couple of years, saying goodbye to friends, finding new schools, doctors, dentists, and hairdressers. But ironically, after all of these years, we now realize that the cause of these challenges is also the reason for the biggest rewards. With each move comes new adventures, an opportunity to live in a new place, and most importantly, the excitement of adding more lifelong friends.


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