New CYSS Playground

After years of waiting, the Carlisle Barracks Child Development Center (CDC) is getting a new playground. When walking through the CDC, one can’t help but notice the children peering through windows and wondering why everything disappeared. Staff explain to them that the construction workers are building a new playground!


Centrally funded through IMCOM G9, Carlisle Barracks is the first of many US Army installations to receive upgrades for their playgrounds. The new equipment include sand boxes, swing sets, bicycle paths and more! Ms. Cynthia, the CDC Facility Director, cannot wait for the completed project and stated that the new playground will “engage the imagination of our children.” Indeed, the playground has a plethora of options for children to work with: water tables, chime panels, play stages, planter boxes and painting panels will all be present. This will ensure that our children are actively engaging in the arts, music and environment. The infant playground will also have its own age appropriate swings, playhouse and chime panel. Children and staff are excited to see the finished product. However, all of this would not be possible without the contractors.

Lifecycle Construction Company is leading the renovation and picked up local subcontractor, J W GLEIM Construction, to demolish and resurface the playground. The equipment is coming from Play Mart, a company that specializes in manufacturing environmentally friendly material. So friendly, in fact, that the catalogue tells the customer how many milk jugs were recycled to create a certain piece of equipment. For instance, the Carlisle CDC is receiving a playset named “Brazil,” which took 14,202 milk jugs to manufacture! The completion date is set for September 30th, where the children will be able to engage their imaginations.

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