Leisure Travel Services

When it’s time to take a vacation, Army Family and MWR is ready to help make it the best getaway ever. Whether you’re heading for the beach, ready to take a cruise, destined for a weekend at a great theme park, or ready for a day trip to New York City or Washington DC we are here to help.

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SPAtacular Escapes

Military family on the move or not, it is always hard to find that salon that is the perfect salon for you. I tried several places in Carlisle before I found a stylist I liked at one salon in town. Unfortunately, after two years, my stylist left for another salon. I liked the salon, but I liked the stylist more. I followed her to her new salon in Mechanicsburg, SPAtacular Escapes. I had a chance to talk to the owner, Shelly Wendeln, about the spa.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know were German

If you’ve been to the South you’ve probably seen chicken fried steak on the menu. Did you know that it originated in the Lone Star State and has German roots? German immigrants brought the dish wiener schnitzel to the area, and it morphed into what we now call chicken fried steak.

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German Immigrant Influence on American Culture

By the middle of the 18th century, German immigrants occupied a central place in American life. Germans accounted for one-third of the population of the American colonies, and were second in number only to the English. The German language was widely spoken in nearly every colonial city.

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Can You Escape the Room?

One of the biggest trends in the US comes from the app “The Room.” Now, you can take the video game experience into real life with your friends or just yourself. Corporations are using them for team building exercises and others are just using it as a fun time to have with friends.

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On the Appalachian Trail

Abandoning cozy comforts, nine individuals of the Carlisle Barracks community recently backpacked a segment of Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Trail from Caledonia state park to Pine Grove Furnace. Bruce Nielson and Sue Bower, of MWR’s Outdoor Recreation program, led the small group of hikers as they trekked through the woods for two days and nights. Read more: On the Appalachian Trail

Wine Down in Central PA

Drinking wine is all about the experience. It is becoming increasingly popular to go straight to favorite local vineyards and enjoy an afternoon or evening with wine and laughs on the lawns. Central Pennsylvania offers the perfect setting for your friends to get together and drink wine in a relaxing environment to enjoy the summer hours. Read more: Wine Down in Central PA

The Appalachian Trail

“The AT is not just a footpath that stretches from Georgia to Maine but a living, breathing phenomenon. It’s a community, a lifestyle, an experience, a code of conduct, a religion to some and ultimately, a way of life.  The footpath may end in Maine but the journey for many continues” after the last steps are taken. Reed Willard, trial name “DETOX”, 2015 Thru-Hiker. 

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Carlisle Barracks Welcomes “Black Jack” Themed Pub and Eatery

On February 10, 2016 Carlisle Barracks MWR opened a highly anticipated addition to The Letort View Community Center (LVCC)! The Pershing Tavern is a neighborhood style alehouse and eatery that was named for John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing, the general who led American Expeditionary Forces to victory in World War I over Germany. It offers an old world setting with traditional tavern style food and drinks. Whether you are out for a pint with friends, hosting an event or large gathering the experienced staff at The Pershing Tavern will be there to provide world class customer service.

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9th Annual Carroll County PEEPshow

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with sugary goodness at the Carroll County Arts Council’s 9th Annual PEEPshow to be held Friday March 25 through Wednesday, April 6 at the Carroll Arts Center. This sweet event features nearly 200 marshmallow masterpieces, including sculptures, dioramas, mosaics and even videos, all crafted from or inspired by sugary sweet Peeps ®. This major regional event has attracted the attention of NBC Nightly News, the Food Network, and Just Born, the company that has made Peeps since the 1940’s. Read more: 9th Annual Carroll County PEEPshow

Pennsylvania Romantic Getaways

Rediscover romance in Pennsylvania and steal away for a romantic getaway, couples escape, adventure weekend or spa trip.

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Top 5 Getaways for the Military Community

One special way the U.S. military provides travel value for the community is through the Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC’s). These full-service resort hotels are Joint Service Facilities that provide quality, wholesome and affordable, family-oriented vacation and recreation opportunities to service members, their families, and other authorized patrons (including official travelers) of the Total Defense Force. Check out and consider one of these fabulous resorts for your next family vacation.

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Fort Indiantown Gap Welcomes Outdoor Enthusiasts

Those wishing to use Fort Indiantown Gap for hunting, trapping and fishing must attend a mandatory safety briefing and pay an annual $30 access fee.

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Strike Zone Bowling Center “The Biggest Little Bowling Center in the Army”

Did you know the Strike Zone Bowling Center is the “Biggest Little Bowling Center in the Army?” They are equipped with 6 synthetic bowling lanes, state of the art scoring, automatic bumpers, full service snack bar and pro shop; they have everything for your bowling needs. The Strike Zone is located at northeast corner of Post, BLDG 686, next door to the back of Collins Hall.

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Experiencing the Great Allegheny Passageway

In the month of June, Outdoor Recreation (ODR) offered a three-day bike tour along the Great Allegheny Passageway (GAP) and seven clients joined for the ride. The Great Allegheny passageway is 150 miles long through mountains of Pennsylvania and connects Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. This trail is the longest unpaved hiker and biker rail trail in the Allegheny region of the Appalachian Mountains. It is considered, by many, to be a world-class biking experience.

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ODR Passport Program

This autumn, Outdoor Recreation launched a passport program to help military families experience scenic Pennsylvania. This passport is your ticket to not only experience backcountry Pennsylvania but to learn new outdoor skills, and socialize with your military counterparts. The passport is a year-round program, in which to complete, participants must attend a total of three outdoor events.

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the abc’s of appalachian brewing company

Appalachian Brewing Company has been a proud sponsor of Carlisle Barracks Oktoberfest for four years. With Oktoberfest just around the corner, we sat down with Jack Sproch, one of Central PA’s leading beer men, to bring you the unique story of this fast growing local business.

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the appalachian trail in your backyard

Pennsylvania is one of the most historic sections of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. Pine Grove, Pennsylvania marks the halfway point of this 2,200 mile long trail. The Appalachian Trail, or more commonly called the AT, runs from Georgia to Maine. Each state provides its own challenges, Pennsylvania being famous for its rocky terrain.

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holiday and christmas tree fire safety

Decorating for the holidays can be lots of fun. Following a few simple tips can help keep your family stay safe this holiday season. Electric lights, candles and decorations should be selected with care and used properly.

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outdoor recreation at fort indiantown gap

Fort Indiantown Gap enjoys a proud tradition of training some of the finest warriors in the world, while investing heavily in our conservation stewardship programs. Our training support to our military and law enforcement, as well as our intensive natural resource management programs are among the best in the Nation. We are committed to maintaining the highest water quality standards and conserving large expanses of mature forest and native grassland. Our efforts to train our military and law enforcement, while managing our natural resources have resulted in worldwide recognition.

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child and youth services program!

Our Mission:
Enhance readiness and well being by reducing the conflict between mission and parental responsibilities.

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discover carlisle

Carlisle and the surrounding Cumberland Valley have many amazing places to explore. Add in the fact that Carlisle is located just a 2-3 hour drive from major cities like Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia and New York City and you will soon realize that Carlisle can be a very interesting place to live. Weekends can be filled with auto events, exploring historic downtowns, amusement park trips, hikes, antiquing and more. Whether you are a history buff, nature explorer, car enthusiast, antiques collector, or just like to enjoy a good meal, the Carlisle area has something to offer everyone.

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